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What can we offer you?

Looking for somewhere to get rid of your scrap metal without having to pay a hefty fee at the tip? Contact D & M Scrap Metal.

D & M Scrap Metal is a Family Owned and Operated Business, unlike most other companies operating in the Scrap Metal Industry.

We have worked in and around the Border and Riverina co-ordinating a number of clean-ups of Farms and Industrial sites.

We have competent and experienced staff that take the time to get you the most for your Scrap.

D & M Scrap Metal also offer a highly Competitive price for all your Scrap Metal, whether it be a large Farm Clean up, Industrial Bin Service or you have just cleaned up around the home and looking for a little extra money.... Don't PAY to take it to the Tip...... We PAY YOU to bring it to us!

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Industrial Clean outs

Industrial Bin Facility

D & M Scrap Metal can supply many sized bins on Industrial Sites for disposal of all metal types. This practice saves time and money for companies as there is no need to double handle any metal materials.

Industrial Shop Clean Outs

Industrial Clean Outs

We also offer a Indutrial/Shop Clean Out service to rid you of your old or out of date shop fittings. With this service we come to the site and remove all metal items that you no longer require, all whilst still paying you a competitive price.

Excavator loading truck with scrap

Farm Clean Up Service

With over 10 years experience in the industry   D & M Scrap Metal aim to please 

Specialising in Farm Clean ups is a BIG part of our business. We do the job ONCE, and we do it RIGHT! With all the required equipment to fully clean up the property of all metallic items to be disposed of at a later time. We have our own Excavators with magnet, Trucks and Tippers and whatever else may be needed to do the job right. With this great service, YOU, the customer still get paid TOP DOLLAR for all scrap metal taken.